Patrol police station strengthen the safety inspection of chemical enterprises

Recently, the patrol police station of Gongxian County Public Security Bureau in Yibin City, Sichuan province carried out a major safety inspection on the chemical production enterprises and hazardous chemicals business units under its jurisdiction.

According to the production characteristics of chemical enterprises in summer, the police carried out safety inspection on whether the units arranged and deployed safety production work during high temperature weather, whether the key equipment and key parts were inspected, and whether the management of raw materials and products of dangerous chemicals was strengthened.

Every time the police went to a unit, they had a discussion with the main person in charge or the person in charge of safety, stressing that all units should, in the spirit of being highly responsible for people's lives and property, immediately conduct a major safety inspection on the units engaged in the production, storage, operation, use and transportation of hazardous chemicals, especially flammable, explosive, toxic and hazardous chemicals, so as to find out problems in time, Eliminate potential accidents.

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