Discussion on chemical safety production and environmental protection measures

With the development of the times and social progress, China has made great changes in the economic development system and production mode. In recent years, China has paid more and more attention to sustainable development, especially in the safety production and environmental protection of chemical enterprises. This paper takes the present situation of chemical safety production and environmental protection as the starting point, and then discusses the Countermeasures for chemical safety production and the environmental protection management measures of chemical enterprises in detail, in order to better manage the safety production and environmental protection of chemical enterprises.

Chemical production has the characteristics of large risk, complex production process and large scale of chemical production units. These characteristics determine that there are certain safety risks in the production of chemical enterprises. In daily production, management responsibility must be clearly defined, safety hidden dangers shall be checked and eliminated in time to avoid accidents in production safety. Moreover, chemical enterprises should actively improve the awareness of environmental protection, and formulate safety production management system and measures in combination with the actual situation, so as to ensure the safety of the whole process of chemical production and reduce the risk of environmental pollution.

1、On the present situation of chemical safety production and environmental protection in China

With the development of the times and social progress, the level of science and technology is also constantly improving, so chemical enterprises have ushered in a period of rapid development. If chemical enterprises want to develop rapidly, they need many types of chemical raw materials as support, and at the same time, they should continue to expand their production base as guarantee. However, many chemical enterprises do not pay enough attention to production safety and environmental protection, which leads to production safety problems in the production process. In addition, chemical enterprises in the process of expanding production will have a large number of pollutants discharged, which caused great pressure on the environment. This not only has a negative impact on the development of enterprises, but also has caused great pollution to the environment and caused great harm to human living environment and health. In recent years, the relevant departments of the state have also made a series of supervision work on chemical safety production, but many enterprises often ignore the relevant regulatory departments and laws and regulations in order to seek greater economic benefits. In addition, the relevant departments do not have enough restrictions and supervision on industrial development, All of these have a great impact on the safety production and environment of chemical enterprises in China, and the problem of environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious.

2、Discussion on the Countermeasures of chemical safety production

2.1 pay attention to the work in safety production design. For enterprises, safe production is the basic condition for its development, especially for chemical enterprises. The design of chemical safety production can guarantee the quality of chemical safety production. In recent years, the safety production of national chemical enterprises has been frequently encountered. The main reason is that the chemical enterprises pay less attention to the production design, which makes the safety design have defects and loopholes, which eventually lead to frequent safety accidents. Therefore, chemical enterprises should pay great attention to the work of safety production design, and carefully calculate the proportion of processing raw materials in advance and strictly control the safety and quality level. Only by doing well in this aspect can chemical enterprises effectively eliminate the potential risk factors in the actual production safety process. 2.2 ensure the safety of production equipment. For chemical enterprises, they have higher requirements for related equipment in the production process, and they should ensure the safety of their production equipment. Chemical enterprises should do regular inspection on their production equipment, and timely find out the aging and wear problems in the equipment through equipment inspection, and thus effectively reduce the safety risks. In addition, the chemical enterprises should employ professionals to further strengthen the sense of responsibility for maintenance, further strengthen the work of equipment maintenance and maintenance, and at the same time, timely find and solve the existing problems, so as to effectively guarantee the production safety of chemical enterprises and comprehensively improve the overall production quality and efficiency of chemical enterprises. 2.3 strengthen the safety accident prevention work. At present, many domestic chemical enterprises think that the main reason for the safety accidents is the nonstandard operation mode. Because of this one-sided understanding, many chemical enterprises do not update their production equipment in the production process, and often do not use the traditional production process to carry out production work. Once a safety accident occurs, the managers of enterprises usually think that this is mainly caused by the operator's mistakes in the operation process. However, a large number of practices have proved that the main factors causing the safety accident are operation error and chemical reaction out of control. However, in a large number of accidents, the factors of uncontrolled chemical reaction are far higher than the staff's operation errors, which is mainly due to the relatively backward technology in the production process, which requires relevant personnel to make corresponding rectification work in time and further strengthen the safety accident prevention work of the enterprise. 2.4 further management system of safety production of chemical enterprises. Among the reasons of the great safety hidden danger in chemical enterprises, a large part of them are due to their lack of attention to the safe production operation process. For chemical enterprises, strictly following the relevant technology to carry out process operation can effectively guarantee the safety in the production process. Therefore, chemical enterprises should establish and improve the safety production management system, further strengthen the safety work, make clear provisions on the responsibility of safety production and responsibilities of each post, and effectively implement the responsibility of safety production to all responsible persons and employees, and require the operators to operate in strict accordance with the relevant process operation process. Meanwhile, the supervision and inspection of the safety production of chemical enterprises should be further strengthened, and the hidden dangers of safety production and related violations should be effectively checked. The rectification opinions should be put forward and implemented in time for problems found in the inspection. The supervision and follow-up inspection should be strengthened for the problems needed to be rectified, Thus, the rectification work can be effectively implemented.

3、Discussion on Countermeasures of environmental protection and management of chemical production

3.1 strengthen environmental protection publicity. Chemical enterprises in the actual production process is an essential part of the sewage treatment. Relevant government departments should also further strengthen the supervision of chemical enterprises, actively communicate with chemical enterprises, and constantly improve the environmental protection awareness of chemical enterprises. Enterprise managers should correctly understand the real significance and connotation of environmental protection work, and comprehensively enhance the understanding of environmental protection work of chemical enterprise employees. Enterprises themselves should also enhance the implementation technology and information and development of their own environmental protection work, so that enterprises can strive to meet the requirements of environmental protection work in the production process, and comprehensively enhance their own production strength. 3.2 improve relevant laws and regulations. In recent years, the safety accidents of domestic chemical enterprises continue, which to a certain extent has caused adverse effects on the production and development of chemical enterprises. In view of the common environmental pollution problems in the production process of domestic chemical enterprises, a large part of the reason is the lack of legal system constraints in this respect, which makes the environmental pollution of the production process of chemical enterprises more and more serious. In this situation, the relevant management departments should constantly improve the construction of relevant rules and regulations, and strengthen the supervision of production safety of chemical enterprises. When the chemical enterprises have environmental pollution problems in the production process, the relevant departments have laws and reasons to deal with them, so as to effectively solve the environmental pollution problems of chemical enterprises. In addition, in the process of relevant system construction, we should pay attention to the actual situation of chemical enterprises and make scientific and reasonable analysis, and then integrate environmental protection work into the actual chemical production work in combination with the actual situation, and restrict the existing environmental problems in the system and specification, Ensure the implementation of environmental protection in chemical enterprises [3-4]. 3.3 strengthen the supervision and control of pollutant discharge of chemical enterprises. Chemical enterprises in the production process will have a very important link, that is sewage. In order to ensure that the production of the enterprise is fully in line with the relevant national standards, chemical enterprises should actively combine with the relevant departments in this link, and implement the enterprise's pollutant discharge work in strict accordance with the relevant national pollutant discharge indicators, so as to form a good way of cooperation between the enterprise and the government. Chemical enterprises should do a good job in the inspection of production equipment, ensure their own sewage equipment and technology, and further ensure the quality of enterprise sewage. In addition, chemical enterprises should also arrange special personnel to carry out real-time detection of pollution discharge in the production process, so as to comprehensively improve the detection personnel's awareness of environmental protection and truly understand the real significance and importance of environmental protection. Chemical enterprises should attach great importance to environmental protection while pursuing production efficiency, strictly control the quality of environmental protection, clarify the responsibilities of each post, and ensure the full implementation of the system [5-6].


Generally speaking, the production of chemical enterprises is essentially different from that of other enterprises, and it has certain particularity in the production mode. Chemical enterprises have high requirements for technology in the production process, and it will cause great pollution to the environment. Therefore, if we want to do a good job in the safety production and environmental protection of chemical enterprises, we should strengthen the cooperation between enterprises and the government, and implement it with the help of law and its supervision. Only when chemical enterprises are really aware of the seriousness of environmental problems and the safety in the production process, can they better control the production safety and environmental protection work from their own reality.

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