Shenyang Guangda Chemical Co., Ltd. is a sulfurized isobutene production-oriented enterprise integrating R & D and production. It was established in August 2010 and is located in the chemical industry park of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone (address: No. 4a, Xihe Liubei street, Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone), with a registered capital of 8 million yuan. The company has 69 employees and a total assets of more than 53 million yuan. The company has been adhering to the business philosophy of high quality, standardization, integrity and innovation, and has won wide praise in the industry.

There are two main uses of sulfurized isobutene, one is as extreme pressure agent (T321) in gear oil, the other is as sulfurizer (gds56) for hydrogenation catalyst in petroleum refining industry. The sulfurized isobutene products produced by Guangda chemical are mostly used in the first type (T321), and are mainly sold to lubricating oil manufacturers as lubricating oil additives.

1. The infrastructure is perfect and the production process is fully automated.

The company has installed DCS and SIS system in accordance with the national requirements to implement all-round automatic control, which fully meets the national requirements and management regulations for the safety production of chemical enterprises.

2. Committed to production safety and environmental protection, highlighting the responsibility of enterprises.

The overall layout of the company's plant area is approved by the local government. The planning accommodation rate and greening degree are in line with the national standards. The company has complete approval and acceptance certificates from the environmental, fire, safety supervision and other departments, and the existing production facilities have also been approved by the government. Over the years, the company has attached great importance to production safety, continuously carried out internal safety education, safety training and drills, set up automatic fire alarm system and monitoring camera system according to national requirements, established no delay docking with the monitoring system of the Management Committee of the Development Zone, and obtained a good record of zero major safety accidents, quality accidents and environmental violations since the establishment of the plant. It has been greatly supported and praised by the people's government.

3. Set up scientific research team and continuously improve enterprise productivity.

At present, Guangda chemical has a high-quality scientific research team, including 3 senior engineers, 6 engineers and 2 postgraduates, a total of 11 people. Accounting for 15.94% of the total number of employees.

Since its establishment, the company has applied for 18 patents, including 5 invention patents (one is under substantive examination, the other four have been authorized and obtained certificates), and the rest are utility model patents (all authorized and obtained certificates). At present, we have a complete set of high-pressure production line of sulfurized isobutene. The company's R & D achievements have been recognized by all levels of departments. It has been awarded the honorary titles of chemical R & D center, Shenyang Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, science and technology small giant enterprise, high-tech enterprise, etc. by Shenyang municipal government, and has been awarded the scientific and technological achievements evaluation report of Liaoning chemical industry society for many times.

4. Optimize the work process, develop standardized enterprise management system.

Since its establishment, the company has continuously established various management systems, improved the process flow, safety operation law, process discipline, safety management, administrative management and other special management methods, covering all aspects of enterprise operation and system management, passed the standardized management acceptance of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, and successively obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the ISO14001 environmental quality management system certification, iso45001 occupational health management system certification, safety production standardization Certificate (Shenyang emergency Bureau). In 201x, it was rated as advanced unit of civilized production in Liaoning Province, and in 2017, it was rated as high-tech enterprise.

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