Shenyang Guangda Chemical Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Its main product is sulfurized isobutylene. There are two main uses of sulfurized isobutene, one is sulfurizing agent for catalyst in petroleum refining industry, the other is extreme pressure agent in gear oil. Guangda chemical's sulfurized isobutylene products are mostly sold to gear oil compound manufacturers as extreme pressure agents.

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Shenyang Guangda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

There are two main uses of sulfurized isobutene: one is used as extreme pressure agent in gear oil (T321), the other is used for desulfurization of hydrogenation catalyst in petroleum refining industry (gds56).

The extreme pressure agent of gear oil can react with the contacting metal surface to form a high melting point inorganic film, which can prevent metal parts from fusing, biting, scratching or scratching under high load, thus improving the service life of metal parts.

In the petroleum refining industry, the active metal components in the hydrogenation catalyst will combine with sulfur in the reaction process, and desulfurization is to recycle the catalyst. Sulfurized isobutene can react with sulfur in the catalyst to separate it from the catalyst, so as to restore the activity of the catalyst.

There are two production methods of sulfurized isobutylene: atmospheric pressure method (two-step method) and high-pressure method (one-step method). Due to the large amount of waste gas, wastewater and residue produced in the production process of atmospheric pressure method, this process is gradually eliminated with the attention of environmental protection at home and abroad.

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